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Objecting in protest to the recently discovered alarmingly high average rate of one death every hour from explosive remnants due to undetonated landmines, this website will after an undetermined duration redirect to article by > Holism

Although the graphics this website has utilised are from 'only a game' called 'Minesweeper', with all due respect to the game's creators, fans and the pen author that's website design was based on, it is a fair choice made. Thank you to all visitor's and appreciators of what stands/stood for.
Please always remember to take care of yourselves so you can take care of others.

hSc (launch) > >> friendly website greeting :)

>>> website design creation inspired by a computer game tribute piece from code writer danini-the-panini

>>> the code was 'tweaked' a little to create some effects when the programming visioned this square/cross & the correlation with health seemed like a neat idea for hSc's background animation. enjoy! ~
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> e
care for others by caring enough for yourself, allocate time for thoughtfulness

> thanks for visiting hSc
> full screen > background-animation.html :)

~ remember people can help if you need ~

[they say that they can = hope]